Home buyers & Investors

With the affordable pricing, now is definitely the time and place to purchase a home or investment property. Whether you are a seasoned Investor, new Investor, or a Home Buyer, Team1Realty can guide you to create a custom designed plan for you.

We will send you FRESH MLS listings via email based on the criteria you choose and make you aware of any updates daily. You can also feel free to search our site.

Advantages of Real Estate Investing:

Positive cash flow through monthly rents

  • Long term equity gain through long term appreciation
  • Large Tax Benefits- The IRS allows you to write off your properties as depreciating, (even when there appreciating and growing in value).
  • Constructing wealth by means of leverage, using “Good Debt”. You don’t necessarily need large sums of capital to get started. Consider getting started using the equity from your existing home, or IRA accounts.
  • #1 Millionaire Maker in the US